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Weather Threat+

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This app allows anyone to view closings in the WeatherThreat network. Just download the app to view the closings. You do not need an account to view closings. Dont see your closings in your area? Ask your school or organization to sign up for a free account at creates one centralized source for school closings and other user-submitted alerts in the United States. It is one of the largest closings/alert systems of its kind in the U.S.. Alerts are automatically "picked up" and redistributed by local media participants (see for a current list). Closings and alerts can also be viewed directly by consumers of this app.
Closings and other alerts are conveniently grouped by city on a map and detailed below the map as a text list. This app allows a user to subscribe to specific organizations to receive push notifications soon after that organization issues a closing or other relevant alert. The WeatherThreat app also allows users to submit closings and to sign up for a "confirmed" account, directly from the app.
Visit to see a current list of participating media and their coverage areas. Users may still submit alerts with this app, even if a media organization is not currently covering the users county; the users closing(s) will be viewable by others who use this app.
This app is particularly beneficial for isolated schools, factories, and other organizations needing an economical method for notifying their employees, patrons, and members of important closings and other notifications. Those organizations can simply sign up for a free account (through the app, or at and then encourage their members and patrons to download the upgraded version of the WeatherThreat app to subscribe to these push notifications.